TroopMaster/PackMaster Web

If you are an existing customer you must already have the latest version of TroopMaster/PackMaster and log in using one of the three login options below.

If you are a new customer and would like to purchase TroopMaster/PackMaster and the Web together, please place your order by phone  (434) 589-6788.

New customers can also purchase TroopMaster/PackMaster, and once we process your order you will receive an email with your license information for TroopMaster/PackMaster which you can use to login and order TroopMaster/Packmaster Web.

TroopMaster/PackMaster License  
Unit #
Exp Date  
License Key
Your License information can be found in your software under Help>License Details or in your CD case.

Customer #
Your Customer number can be found in your software cd case, receipt or emails sent to you from Troopmaster Software.

User ID
If your unit already has TroopMaster/PackMaster Web you can find your UserID at the end of your TroopMaster Web address.
(For example your UserID would be 012345T if your TroopMaster Web site address is